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On my first season on a 45m yacht, as a sole chef, as you probably know is a huge job, in between cooking, to cleaning, braising meat to plating food, you need to provisioning, which can be fun when you got some free time, but when you are so so busy as a new to the industry, Zvonka and Daniel were completely aware of it and was amazingly helpful and intuitive (I will never forget the birthday cake was ordered for my guests by Zvonka as I was crazy busy and forgot to bake ... Lucky me!....)! Together with her co-partner Daniel, gave me a great big welcome to yachting industry! Highly recommended!

Best Roy Ferentz

I am Sanja Joksimovic. I had the honor to work with Zvonka for several months. In my opinion she is a very dedicated, polite and respectable agent. She understands the complex relationships with clients, especially in organization and planning, and that is one of her greatest strengths. I can also say that she was always very dedicated and friendly and always eager to give her best. She is  reliable, respectful and very helpful. The ingredients like fruit, vegetables, meat, fish etc. were always the best quality you can get. I can only recommend Zvonka and her team.

To whom it may concern. I met Zvonka on my first experience as a chef on a yacht in Rijeka. She works as an agent, and her job was to help the crew with the supplies. I found her a very nice girl, always ready to help everybody even for personal problems, understanding and resolving the difficulties one could find in a new city, where they speak a language you don't understand, a new job, a new life... She was always very friendly, kind and reliable.

Best Regards Andrea Uccellieri

Zvonka’s provisioning services and quality are excellent!!! She always delivers on time and guarantees you the best of local produce, especially TRUFFLES when in season!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Chef Johnny Knezevic (M/y Trident, M/Y Mustique, M/y Maryah)

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